Open Source Code

All Our Original Code:


    • A Common Lisp implementation: I use SBCL. It is available from some yum/apt repositories in addition to the official web site. I also test against Clozure CL, available here.
    • Quicklisp, the CPAN-like facility for Common Lisp libraries. Install quicklisp via its instruction page.
    • If you want to track changes to our libraries, install the mercurial DVCS. It is installable via yum/apt repositories and from the official web site.
    • Optionally, you can use the TortoiseHg GUI for mercurial, available here.

To Load the Software Conveniently Using QuickLisp

Ensure the above prerequisites are met:.

    1. In your shell/terminal, change directory to ~/quicklisp/local-projects.
    2. Go to this bitbucket page, and go to the repository page of the software you want from the list
    3. Either download the zipfile of the current snapshot, or get the source under revision control according to the directions
    4. Evaluate (ql:quickload :<repo name>) to have your CL compile and load the system, where <name> is the package name (identical to the repository name)
    5. Usually evaluate (:<repo name>::run) to start it running - watch for the "Try" printout after loading, in case there are some extra parameters required, or there is a different entry point to the library.

Repositories of Particular Interest:

    • A GUI for Quicklisp
    • A tool to generate an emacs tagfile of a named ASDF system, including its dependencies